Game-changing technology to streamline livestock waste processing by harvesting key nutrients including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

  • Enhanced livestock density optimization

  • Reduced crop application of pollutants and over-fertilization

  • Improved environmental and ecological stewardship

  • Better cost control in waste and lagoon management, as well as improved revenue from harvested nutrients

technology in agriculture

Bringing Oil & Gas Technology to Agriculture.

​Livestock waste processing has unique considerations that have made current water purification systems difficult to operate at scale while also missing out on potential value-added nutrient harvesting.

AgWater has proven the commercial feasibility of applying technology currently being used in the oil and natural gas fields to agriculture water purification. We are targetting the animal livestock industry with a specific focus on anaerobic lagoons.

Improving Ag Sustainability

Upgraded Technology for Ag Waste Recovery / Treatment

Harvesting Nutrients

Proven Capability to Harvest Nutrients & Remove Contaminants from Manure, Delivering Ecologically Clean Effluent

Previous Experience

Team Has Oil & Gas Wastewater Treatment Experience.


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